- The Collaboration Split with Escuadron de la Muerte « Batismo de Fuego: Le Dernier Bataillon » is finally Now Available on UFA Muzak: Martial Industrial Harsh Electronics and Ritual Noise in memory of Miguel Serrano!

- « La Clairière des Eaux Mortes » the two-way Split with Pale Roses in memory of Raoul De Warren ( 1905-1992) is out now on Old Europa Café with special Guests: Dru-Wid Sagos ( Marc-Louis Questin), Schattenspiel and Elli Riehl! A unique journey from the Pagan Heart of Old Europe to the Blazing Stars of Saint John’s Apocalypse…

- « La Fraternité Polaire » the new Opus from Barbarossa Umtrunk is out now on Twilight Records with special guests: Schattenspiel, Vir Martialis, Spreu & Weizen and the french novelist Jean-Paul Bourre !
An hermetic trip which immerge us through Tribal & Frozen soundscapes, to Martial Neoclassical, Ritual-Noise and Military-Pop and explores the illuminating concepts of Esoteric Gaullism & Eurasian “Lebensraum”, inspired by metahistorical & geopoliticals perspectives taken from René Guénon, Zam Bhotiva, Henry Corbin, Aleksandr Dugin, Jean Parvulesco, Jean Robin & Mircea Eliade theories and books. “La Fraternité Polaire” is a sacred hymn to the Polar Man, a Man of Steel anchored in the Tradition, among the ruins of Kali Yuga, a Warrior-Priest in the service of the unchanging Polar dimension of the Star of the Invisible Empire which stays up above heavens.

- A new project of split with Le Revers Sanglant is on works and includes some old tracks remastered with news compositions who are drawing dark and ritual soundscapes combined with orchestral & martial industrial hymns based on texts by Youri Mamleev, Jean Parvulesco, Michel Marmin & Raymond Abellio.

- Baron Von S have also began to work on his next full length “La Fosse de Babel”, an apocalyptic soundtrack inspired by the books of Raymond Abellio which will includes Vir Martialis, TSIDMZ and Porta Vittoria on guests. Some others projects are also planified for the years 2013 & 2014: a third-way split with Pale Roses and Dawn & Dusk Entwined about the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in the Outer is on work then a new collaboration with Schattenspiel and also Verney 1826 which will follows the figure ov Vlad Tepes the Impaler.

Take Care!

"Le seul Combat qui occupe dès lors la scène du monde est celui que l'individu livre à jamais contre l'Espèce, pour lui reprendre l'immortalité physique qu'elle lui déroba à l'origine des temps."
Raymond Abellio